Ever since I studied “Experimental visual design” at the art school in Linz I have been fascinated by the possibilities of digital media production and have been developing these skills in tune with the exponential development of both hardware and software. Besides my art and design theory education my spectrum of skills includes drawing, video production and 3D and 4D animation.

Alongside these technical competences in representation (a)iBerg offers first and foremost the inspiring idea. The challenge of collaborating with Kraftwerk Living Technologies, a leading entertainment technology company, has always been to find the optimum between vision and realization, attraction and sustainability.

Since 2013 i´m managing Eclectic Arts GmbH, a unique design & visualization agency responsible for multidimensional project visualization and planning.

As a member of Attraktion! GmbH´s group of companies, our profession is to merge artistic and entertaining strategies with sustainable edutaining contents. Therefore we are constantly pushing the boundaries of existing practice and exploring new ways to connect with audiences.

In this way visionary power and ingenuity bond with technical know how and extensive professional experience.


2010 CEP: Exhibition Design & Management , Danube University Krems,
Wendy Jo Coones, M. Ed.
2006-07 Diploma: University of applied arts, Vienna 
Transmedia Art, Univ.- Prof. Mag. art Brigitte Kowanz
2002 study abroad: William de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam
1995-03 University of arts, Linz,
Experimental Design, Univ.- Prof. Dr. Herbert Lachmayer
1995 School leaving examination: High School of arts, Linz
2013 Managing Director of Eclectic Arts GmbH
2011 Shareholder of Eclectic Arts GmbH
2010 starting up my own business (a)iBerg Design e.U.
2003-09 Multimedia design : associate of Kraftwerk Living Technologies, Wels: research, concept, visualization, presentation & art director of diverse multimedia projects, e.g. theme parks, brandlands, infocenter, showrooms
2000-02 Tutor for digital video editing: Adobe Premiere/After Effects
1997-03 Multimedia design : freelancer at Kraftwerk Living Technologies
1998 Production assistance : "work and culture - Büro. Inszenierung von Arbeit", OÖ Landesmuseum, Linz
1993-97 div. exhibit & design productions e.g. Kinderfreunde Linz
s. 2008 Board member of the free culture club Stadtwerkstatt, Linz
2002 Video director & VJ Urban Africa Club, ARS Electronica Festival 2002, Stadtwerkstatt Linz
2001 Direction Meatspace, ARS Electronica Festival 2001, Stadtwerkstatt Linz
2001 Production V-Stream 21, Visionary Broadcast, Tabakwerke Linz
1999 Production Bugrace99, ARS Electronica Festival 1999, Stadtwerkstatt Linz